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Hi, my name is James, I originally had a look at Pestforce but it was completely sold out in my area and I was told about Washforce. I had a look at the website it all looked very professional, the bespoke built software is so easy to work and I was very impressed that my customers have got the facility to pay online on my website, most window cleaners have to clean all day and go and collect money all night.  I can go cleaning day and night and my customers can pay at their convince directly into my bank account via my website. The Computer system tells me who's paid and who hasn't. I really enjoy being out and about and being my own boss. The business is growing so fast and everyone is a potential customer.

James Taylor, Washforce South Wales


My name is Ben Murray after leaving the forces I found myself in a dead end job, Washforce has given me a new lease of life, the backup from head office is fantastic, and I've never looked back, this move has been the best thing I could have ever done. I already have had jobs come in from neighbouring franchises, once we have got national coverage it will be even easier. 

Ben Murray, Washforce South West Wales

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